This year we are celebrating 25 years of .si in the root zone. Our TLD was added in march 1992 and since then the number of Slovenian websites have been growing steadily.

Join us in celebration of this occasion and participate in the discussion about the future of the internet at Cekin Castle in park Tivoli on 10. October at 17:00.

We are happy to have Peter Van Roste, CENTR General Manager  as a keynote speaker, along with Barbara Povše, head of .

To put things in great perspective we also have a superb lineup of panelists:

  • Katja Ošljak Koren, of
  • Živa Zupan, of Ljubljana Digital media Laboratory (Ljudmila)
  • Boštjan Špetič, of Zemanta
  • Matjaž Ropret, of Tehnozvezdje

moderated by Lenart Kučič.