If you wish to change your Registrar you should first set an authinfo code to a domain name you wish to move. This can be arranged at your request through the current Registrar or by yourself (e.g. through Registrar’s online services). Next, you submit the authinfo code to a new Registrar who in turn will complete the transfer process.

Authinfo is a one-time authorisation code which expires as soon as the domain Registrar change has been completed. Should you fail to complete the transfer in 16 days after the code has been set, the code will become invalid and you would have to set a new one.

Example: Let’s say you choose a password “domain111”. Use the Authinfo calculator (form in the bracket) to generate a password digest. Then submit the digest to the current registrar either online or by other means of communication (e.g. mail, phone). Once this code has been set for the domain name you wish to move, submit the original password (i.e. “domain111”) to the new registrar.