Before registering a .si domain name, please consider reviewing General Terms and Conditions. Anyone in the world can register a domain name under the .si ccTLD in two simple steps:

Choose a domain name.

A domain name is a string of characters, chosen to your liking. Nevertheless, some restrictions apply:

  • A domain name cannot be alredy taken or reserved.
  • It should consist of valid characters only.
  • A domain name cannot be less than 2 or more than 63 characters long in its textual and/or binary representation.
  • The first and the last character of a domain name cannot be hyphens ( e.g. “” in “”); nor can there be two consecutive hyphens in the third and the fourth position (e.g. “xx‐‐”).

Choose a domain name registrar.

A domain name registrar is an entity through which people and/or organisations can register and/or manage domain names. As a domain name management is both, highly technical and tightly regulated matter, domain name registrars act as agents between end users (registrants) and registry operators.

List of Registry’s contractual partners (registrars).