To take advantage of the additional security for your domain name, please contact your Registrar, who in turn will pass your request to the Registry to complete the process. Once we have set your domain a registry lock status, you (or anyone else for that matter), will be unable to make any configuration changes to that domain, except for domain renewal.

Should you want to change/update your domain name information, your domain name Registrar will have to make a written request to us. Then, we will first verify the request by placing a call with Registrar’s appointed person, before removing the registry lock status from your domain name. Though this procedure provides a higher level of security to your domain name, it makes it less flexible as it takes longer to complete. Furthermore it can only be requested during The Registry’s office hours.

This service would be most suitable for high profile brands, financial services, media companies, and high traffic websites but can be applied to any domain in the .si namespace.