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At some point, you simply need to trust

An important inspiration for me was CCNA Bootcamp, where I gained insight into the structure of computer networks and computer communications. I also focused on information security – I graduated from phishing attacks. I even tried my hand at designing websites, but I didn’t see myself professionally in that direction. A field, where you never … Continued

My constant goal is: to manufacture something, to create something

My interest and constant pleading made the expected breakthrough – I got my first computer. I finished primary school in the reflection of its black and white screen. But what I remember the most is the computer I got in high school, because it had a color screen. That was a noticeable improvement at the … Continued

Teamwork is key

Before I got into computer science, my desire was to study special pedagogy. But the college information day convinced me that this was not for me. I enrolled in the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, even though I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Unlike many other freshmen, I had no prior programming … Continued

Registration of Domain Names in contrary to Law, Public order or Morality

What does this provision mean and what should future domain name holders refrain from when choosing a domain name so that their registration will not be rejected or that an already registered domain will not be deactivated? The domain is contrary to the law Different laws may restrict the use of certain words or phrases … Continued

“Things have to be done – there is no room for error here”

Benjamin Zwittnig, technical engineer at the .si Registry It so happened that I was talking to a former classmate from college – she was working at the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) at the time. I mentioned to her that I would be interested in something new and if they were looking for someone new “on … Continued

Domain holder data of the .si top-level domains needs to be accurate, complete and current

Despite that, we at Registry in practice often witness the following problematic situations: Domain name holder data is accurate, yet the contact email address belongs to the registrar, web developer, or hosting provider. Someone else is cited as the domain holder (Registrar, web developer, hosting provider …). The data is inaccurate or incomplete, the email … Continued

Is your domain name under .si TRULY yours?

When an entrepreneur is starting his or her business, defining, who will be the domain name holder, surely is not one of his priorities. Yet, in our experience, this is where things all too often go pear-shaped. The story usually goes like this: John started a new business. Being a competent entrepreneur, he put his … Continued

Prolonged Redemption Grace Period for .si domains being extended to June 30th 2020

When domains under .si expire, they are set “pending delete” status. After expiration of pending delete period, domains are deleted and made available for registration again. On 23rd of March, pending delete period was extended from 30 to 60 days. This allowed the domain name holders whose domains expired, to have more time to renew … Continued

COVID-19 – First weeks for Registry .si

All our services are always operating in a stable and reliable way. Remote work has no effect upon support with registrars and domain holders. As always, Registry team is available for any queries via   Did you stay at home? We at .si did We are fully aware that the operation of websites and … Continued

4th of April – Fifteen years of uninterrupted work of .si domain registration via registrars!

Up to 2005, rules of registration were quite strict and domain holders would register their domains directly at Arnes. Starting with 4th of april, domain holders could register their domains via system of registrars. Due to liberalization of .si domain name registration terms, a lot of domains were registered upon this date. We always take … Continued

Extending redemption grace period for expired domain names by March 23 2020

Expired .si domains are set pending delete status. After expiration of pending delete period, these domains are erased and are available for registration. On 23rd of March at 9:00 am, pending delete period is being extended from 30 to 60 days. Domain holders will, after this time, have more time to renew their domains. Also, … Continued

Ensure undisturbed functioning of your websites and e-mail addresses under .si

We call upon all registrants to check the domain expiration date via WhoIs and contact your registrar to renew the domain in time.You may direct any further questions to

Peter Van Roste: If You want to regulate, You need to know the basics of the technology