Before delegating a domain name to the .si zone, nameservers must pass predelegation tests. You can test your domain name on (tab DNS) by entering its name (e.g. and the IP address of the primary nameserver for the domain name in the fields below (if the primary nameserver is within a domain name that is already delegated, you can use the nameserver’s name instead of its IP address)

Verification regimes:

  • the first 8 hours after the change of domain name servers every 10 minutes;
  • 8-24 hours after the change every 1 hour;
  • 24 hours after the change once a day.

Every update (adding or deleting a nameserver) will reset the regime, meaning a domain name will go through a predelegation test every 10 minutes.

Upon successful check of domain the technical contact gets a notice. They also receive a report in case of an error in the domain verification process. In the report there is also a number of unsuccessful check and the date and time of next scheduled check.