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Given the situation at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, when circumstances significantly affected the operations of both registrars and domain name holders, the .si Registry extended the “pending delete” status for domain names from 30 to 60 days. As stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions for the registration of domain names under .si, it is after the expiration of the “pending delete” period, that the domain names are deleted from the database and are available for registration again.

This temporary measure, which made it easier for registrars and domain name holders in the first weeks of the pandemic to do business, as they had more time to renew their domains, expires on 1st of July.

The status of “pending delete” is thus returning to the framework as otherwise specified in the General Terms and Conditions (the “pending delete” period lasts 30 days). This means that domains under .si, that will expire until Wednesday July 1st by 10.00, will still have a 60-day “pending delete” status, while those expired after 10 am on that day will again have a 30-day “pending delete” status, as was the case prior to these measures.

We advise domain name holders to check the expiration date of their domain names and arrange a renewal with the registrar in a timely manner, thus preventing the malfunction of their websites and e-mail addresses.

In case of additional questions, you can contact Regsitry .si (