The information obtained through the WHOIS lookup service is for informational purposes only. By submitting a query to our WHOIS lookup service, you agree to the restrictions on the use of WHOIS and WHOIS data as follows:

  • You may not allow, enable or otherwise support the transmission of unsolicited, commercial advertising or other solicitations, whether via email or otherwise;

  • You may not use the information to target advertising in any possible way;

  • You may not cause inconvenience the domain name holders in any possible way by sending them messages (whether by automated, electronic processes capable of enabling high volumes or other possible means);

  • You may not copy, extract and/or publish contents of the WHOIS database.

The Registry runs a WHOIS lookup service that enables the user to obtain basic information about the domain name, domain name holder, technical contact and registrar with the domain name entry. If domain name holder is a natural person, only an email address will be disclosed. Domain name holders can disclose more data at their own discretion.

The publicly accessible WHOIS lookup service is easy to use, it ensures transparency and stability of the domain system under .si and increases trust in the .si domain names:

  • it makes it possible to contact the domain name holder;
  • it provides information on technical contact when technical problems occur;
  • it contributes to preventing illegal content online.

CHANGE OF WHOIS LOOKUP SERVICE: In 2018 stricter rules for processing personal data have been implemented. This also affected the processing of data on domain name holders. New legislation on the protection of personal data means that there is a need to reduce the amount of information available to the public. Therefore, as of 25 May 2018, the amount of information from Registry’s WHOIS lookup service is reduced.