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36. Marketinška delavnica CENTR-a v Ljubljani

36th CENTR Marketing workshop in Ljubljana

At the end of October, the .si Registry hosted the Marketing Section of the Association of European Registries – CENTR in Ljubljana

Participants at the workshop, both in person and via videoconference, shared practices and experiences that help us understand the dynamics of national TLDs. We presented the 30th anniversary activities of the .si Registry and shared our experiences in promoting .si and the importance of raising public awareness of the national domain. We also touched upon issues of social responsibility, as several of our European registries have already introduced sustainable practices into their business processes. Si-CERT staff were also invited to participate and Ms. Jasmina Mesic presented an awareness-raising campaign on the basics of information security in the workplace ( and shared tips on how to design and market online courses on social networks. The presentation by Ms. Jelena Burnik, Head of International Cooperation and Supervision at the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia, was followed by a discussion on so-called “dark patterns”, where website operators mislead users into making certain decisions in order to manipulate them.

We are pleased, that the workshop participants had a very positive experience and that we, as the organiser of the event, helped to promote Slovenia and our national .si domain.

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