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Reception at the Presidential Palace

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Registry .si staff and guests were received at the Presidential Palace by the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Borut Pahor.

Mr. President addressed the attendees with the notion that thirty years ago no one really grasped the magnitude and significance of all that had happened in that year and what impact these events had on the development and visibility of Slovenia. He emphasized the importance of the .si top-level domain for Slovenia’s recognition in the world and thanked all the pioneers in the scientific and research sector who helped us get our own domain at a time when we were just gaining international recognition. He thanked us for working towards an inclusive digital transformation, education and literacy, which ensures equal opportunities for everyone.

The keynote speaker was Mr. Mark Boris Andrijanič, Minister responsible for digital transformation, who said that he was extremely happy to be able to celebrate the birth of the 1st Slovenian domain with us. He emphasized that thirty years ago it was very important that Slovenia gained independence not only economically, diplomatically and politically, but also digitally, and thus entered the digital and cyber community under equal terms. He thanked us for our contribution towards improving the digital society, which is becoming innovative, advanced and, above all, inclusive.

Guests were also addressed by the head of the Registry .si, Mrs. Barbara Povše Golob. She noted that thirty years ago, a domain was just a verbal address of a computer, and the Internet was a communication tool for a handful of scientists. She thanked them for daring to establish a digital .si identity at that time. She emphasized that despite the fact that .si is a small domain, it is internationally renowned, which is ensured and chaperoned by the Registry .si team, of which she is very proud.

We presented the President with a gift – the domain (in English translation:

You are invited to watch the recording of the reception of Registry. si staff and guests at the Presidential Palace.

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