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Become a registrar

Foreign or domestic business entity engaged in business activities can become a .si domain registrar.

We require future registrars to:

  • be registered to carry out the business activity of registration at the corresponding company registry or at the relevant authority,
  • be located in the European Union,
  • be ICANN accredited, if not located in the European Union,
  • have its own domain name registered under .si and an active website,
  • perform Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E)
  • perform annual quota as stated in registrar agreement.

We provide services and tools to help registrars manage and register .si domain names:

  • automated system (EPP standard with few extensions)
  • access to Registrar portal
  • Java based EPP client
  • technical support
  • frequent trainings.

Onboarding steps for future registrars:

  1. Application and OT&E: Future registrar must fill in the OT&E application and send it to registry(at) After completing the test, future registrar must notify the registry to verify the OT&E.
  2. Signing the agreement: After being notified of the successful completion of the testing phase, future registrar must send the Registrar information form to registry(at) The registry shall send the agreement, affiliation fee and initial deposit instructions to the address mentioned in the form above.
  3. Accessing the server: After completing technical and administrative requirements, registrar will receive server address (which must remain confidential), and a username as well as a password.