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Registration and return of domain name

Registering a Domain Name

Before registering a .si domain name, please consider reviewing General Terms and Conditions.

A domain name is a string of characters, chosen to your liking. Nevertheless, some restrictions apply:

  • A domain name cannot be alredy taken or reserved (link to the list of reserved domain names).
  • It should consist of valid characters only (link to the list of allowed characters).
  • A domain name cannot be less than 2 or more than 63 characters long in its textual and/or binary representation.
  • The first and the last character of a domain name cannot be hyphens ( e.g. “” in “”); nor can there be two consecutive hyphens in the third and the fourth position (e.g. “xx‐‐”).

A domain name registrar is an entity where you register domain names. Domain name registrars act as agents between end users (registrants) and registry operators.

Withdrawing from Contract (returning a domain name)

Every domain holder can cancel their domain within 16 days of registration.

Please note that you cannot not issue domain return once you have started to consume the service. In the particular case of domain name registration this means a return is not possible if the domain name has been activated*.

For a domain name to be eligible for return, domain status in WHOIS must be “inactive” and RGP status “Add Period”.

* – We (The Registry), consider a domain name activated as soon as the name server records have been submitted to our domain name activation systems.