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30 years of .si

Countdown until birthday:

We are .si

In 1991 we got our independent country Slovenia. The following year, Slovenia received its national domain .si. This year we are celebrating 30 years of .si. This does not mean 30 years of Slovenia on the Internet. The first Slovenian website went online on 23. November 1993 and was set up by Mark Martinec together with JSI staff.

To paraphrase Neil Armstrong, getting the .si internet address is “a small step for a man, but a big one for Slovenia”. Therefore in 2022, the Registry .si decided to present the most important events of the past 30 years, the work of the Registry, its employees and partners and many interesting things related to our national domain. On the website dedicated to the 30th anniversary, we will publish testimonials of experts who helped make .si a safe and reliable domain, registrars who have been working with us for many years, domain holders, anecdotes, interesting statistics and everything you ever wanted to know about .si, but didn’t dare ask.

Thank you for trusting us with your .si address for 30 years.

Your Registry .si

Podcast Odbita do bita and Registry .si

Odbita do bita is a podcast about modern technologies. It is hosted by Anže and Maruša who invited head of Registry .si to talk about .si history and the evolution of domain industry.

Podcast is available only in Slovene on Odbita do bita website or here below.

Odbita do bita and Barbara Povše Golob

New posts coming soon…

SI becomes the official 2-letter country code of Slovenia

The anecdote goes, that Slovenia wanted the .sl domain, which was unfortunately already taken (by Sierra Leone), therefore Slovenia got the country code .si in the first half of 1992.

Country codes are assigned by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) in Geneva. This organization assigns the official codes to countries and their organizational units. It sets the standard for assigning postal codes, official codes in passports and top-level domain country codes.>

Official data for Slovenia is available here.

ARNES becomes the .si registry

The Academic and Research Network of Slovenia (Arnes) was established on 7 May 1992 by a decree in the Official Gazette. One of its activities is “management of the Slovenian address space (SI code) in computer networks”. This makes Arnes the registry for the .si domain.

The Registry manages the database of all domains and their registrants. It also maintains the domain registration system and DNS server for .si, which contains a list of domains and their name servers, which is then distributed to other servers around the world.

Abroad, the term Network Information Center (NIC) is also used. Go to and see where it takes you. Try entering some other top-level domain and check how it is elsewhere, say,,

Request for entry of .si into the root server

This action set .si up and running. It is now possible to register .si domains and resolve web addresses.

The official date of registration with IANA is April 1, 1992, this date is considered the birthday of the .si domain.

IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) is an organization that maintains a list of all top-level domains and maintains the root server. This server contains information about all top-level domains and domain servers of those domains. There are quite many top-level domains… Check the IANA list, you will probably be surprised.

New posts coming soon…