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Domain disputes arbiters

Dr. Martina Repas
is a professor at the University of Maribor Faculty of Law, a university graduate in law and a doctor of legal sciences. She holds a master’s degree in competition law and intellectual property law from the University of Maribor, and a doctorate in competition law from the University of Ljubljana. For many years she was the editor-in-chief of LeXonomica magazine, and is currently a corresponding member of the editorial board of Iustinianus Primus Law Review, Skopje. She is also a researcher at the Portucalense Institute for Legal Research.Her research and pedagogical work extend to the field of intellectual property law, competition law and private international law. In particular, she specializes in the field of trademarks and the prohibition of business restrictions on competition. She participates in numerous conferences and seminars and has published numerous monographs, articles and other works with domestic and foreign publishers.

Dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič
is the founder and director of the Intellectual Property Institute, Ljubljana. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (1996). She holds a master’s degree from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (1999, economics), Harvard Law School (2000, law) and the Facoltà di Giurisprudenza di Torino (2005, intellectual property) and a doctorate from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (2006, copyright).Her research and advisory work focuses on intellectual property, especially copyright. She participates in numerous international projects. She is a representative for the registration of trademarks and designs in Slovenia and the EU. Since 2020, she has co-chaired the Data Management Working Group at GPAI (Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence) and chaired the Working Group on Copyright Law at CENL (The Conference of European National Librarians). She is a representative and legal leader of the Slovenia chapter of Creative Commons Global Network and a member of the Communia association.

Eva Gostiša
is a lawyer and legal counsellor at Jadek & Pensa Law Office in Ljubljana. Her work focuses mainly on intellectual property, in the field of trademarks and designs her work covers the field of protection as well as enforcement of rights, and in the field of patents the enforcement of the latter in court proceedings.She also deals with inventions resulting from employment relationships and advises clients in the field of copyright and unfair competition. She is also involved in the regulation of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and in recent years has also focused on construction legislation and real estate transactions.

Dr. Boštjan Makarovič
is an expert in ICT law, regulation and policy. As a former member of the EU Communications Committee (CoCom) and an adviser to the EU Council Presidency in reviewing the 2009 telecoms legislative package, he has helped governments and regulators in Europe and the Middle East to develop rules on net neutrality, e-identity, privacy and the telecommunications market. He is also the co-author of Walden: Telecommunications Law and Regulation, published by Oxford University Press.Boštjan holds a PhD in IP regulation from Queen Mary, University of London, and teaches European and international telecommunications law at the same institution. As a data protection expert with IAPP CIPP / E certification, he has mainly been advising technology companies from Silicon Valley to London’s Shoreditch and Ljubljana on regulatory challenges.

Dr. Branko Korže
has been a professor for the field of civil and commercial law at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, Deputy Head of the Department of Organization and Management and lecturer in the field of Company Law and Business Law, Commercial Contract Law, Legal aspects of marketing and Tax law since 2010. In the period from 16 February 2015 to 18 May 2015, he participated as a guest in the implementation of higher educational activities Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) at the summer schools of the Vienna Wirtschaftsuniversität.He is a member of the Association of Business Lawyers, an arbitrator of the Permanent Arbitration at the Slovene Chamber of Commerce, a member of the International Law Association, a member of the World Transport Research Society, a member of The Austrian Arbitration Association and an arbiter for the ARD procedure at the .si Registry ever since its establishment. He is the author of several university textbooks in the field of commercial law and numerous scientific and professional articles published in domestic and foreign journals.