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New Registrar agreement

Call to the registrars – contribute to the drafting of the new Agreement with your opinions, suggestions, comments and initiatives

As part of the revision of the “Domain Name Registration Agreement”, Registry .si is seeking feedback on the proposed text of the new agreement and invites all registrars to review the published draft.

Please send your opinions, suggestions, comments and initiatives to no later than 10 January 2024.

Draft text of the new agreement

Reasons for amending the Agreement

The domain name system is a basic function on which the proper functioning of the internet infrastructure depends. The robustness of this infrastructure needs to be continuously reinforced in line with the increased physical stresses of today. This in turn brings more and more security requirements for all actors involved, including registrars.

In order to successfully maintain the security, stability and quality of the Slovenian top-level domain, it is important for Registry .si to be able to work well with professional registrars. At the same time we continue to strive for an attractive and competitive .si, which is offered by our registrars to their customers. In view of this, we see the need to update and revise the Agreement governing the relationship between Registry .si and the registrars.

Current practice will continue largely unchanged

The relationship between Registry .si and the registrars is governed by civil law contracts.

The proposed new agreement will mainly continue the current practice and the already established division of responsibilities and duties between the registrars and Registry .si. It brings together, describes and further clarifies the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the registrars and Registry .si.

Protection of personal data

To make it as easy as possible for the contracting parties to understand how to operate in the area of personal data protection, standard contractual clauses governing the processing of personal data of .si domain holders have been added to the new agreement. In addition, in line with established practice, the new agreement makes it clear that the registrar is free to use subcontractors such as resellers, but is liable for the actions of such subcontractors.

Verification of the domain holder’s data

Notwithstanding the fact that in recent years there have been increasing requests for verification of domain holders’ data, the .si domain registration procedure will not change in this respect at this point. The responsibility for verifying that domain name holders are who they claim to be will remain with the registrar, who may choose an appropriate method to fulfil this requirement. However, this is an area where the legislator may impose new requirements (for the registry and/or registrars) in the future.

Security emergency contact

For security emergencies (such as providing technical support to resolve incidents), Registry .si introduced a “registrar security contact” several years ago, which can be used to identify the caller. The proposed new agreement obliges all registrars to provide us with security contacts in an agreed manner. Once this obligation has been fulfilled, Registry .si will provide each registrar with 24/7 technical support in the event of a security emergency.

Some new additions

The proposed new agreement imposes some new obligations on registrars. The most important changes are:

What’s next…

We welcome your suggestions, comments and feedback. We will aim to respond to them on a weekly basis and will publish our clarifications where needed and appropriate.

After the feedback deadline (10 January 2024), we will review and process all comments received as soon as possible and then send you the final version of the agreement for your signature. There will be a transition period between the sending of the new agreement and its entry into force. This will give the registrars the time to decide whether they wish to continue to work with us as a registrar under the new agreement.

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