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Domain disputes

The Alternative Domain Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure is an effective, fast, and cost-efficient way to resolve a dispute between a domain holder and a party who believes they have a stronger right to that domain. Although the domain is not an industrial property right, as e.g. a trademark, it may nonetheless be crucial for businesses, organizations, public administration bodies and individuals to have a web domain that corresponds to their trademark, company name, personal name, or other right. This ensures that internet users can effectively find the goods, services, information and people they seek, and reduces the possibility of creating confusion in the public.

A complainant who considers that he has the right to a domain registered or used by someone else may initiate an ADR procedure before the tribunal facilitated by the .si Registry. The procedure is in many ways similar to arbitration, where an impartial and professional arbiter decides which of the parties has the right to the disputed domain, and the .si Registry enforces this decision. This makes the ADR procedure much faster and more efficient than resolving the dispute in court.

The official contact for the procedure is ARDS(at)

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