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Vision and mission is the registry for .si top-level domain name and it operates within Academic and Research Network of Slovenia. In addition to the registration of domain names under .si, the registry manages top-level DNS server for .si.

The registry actively participates in the association of European national registries CENTR and is one of its founding members.

Our Mission

We provide stable, secure, uninterrupted and reliable operations of .si on the internet.

Our Vision

.si is internationally renowned ccTLD representing Slovenia. It is the first choice of an internet address for everyone related to Slovenia.

Our Values

  • We are pursuing excellency and strive to efficient, sustainable, ethical and transparent relations with registrars, domain holders and business partners.
  • We operate in alignment with wishes and needs of the local internet community and are contributing to development of information society in Slovenia.
  • We are seeking for technologically advanced yet secure and proven solutions.
  • We care for welfare of our employees.

Our Strategy

ARNES has a role of a national .si ccTLD registry. Within this role it performs two basic functions:

  • providing domain registration under .si ccTLD; and
  • managing top-level DNS server for .si ccTLD.

Strategic goals for a 2021-2025 period manages critical national infrastructure with due care by:

  • providing secure, stable and uninterrupted services;
  • continuously updating and developing our services according to international standards and recommendations;
  • running our business transparently, efficiently, effectively and sustainably; and
  • establishing business relationships with registrars, domain holders and other business partners that are based on mutual trust.

.si is the first choice for web identity in Slovenia:

  • We are strengthening the Slovenian web identity and .si reputation.
  • We create domain registration rules according to local legislation and international recommendations to serve to the common good of local internet community (Slovenian citizens).
  • We secure the growth of the number of registered .si domains by raising awareness of general public relating to advantages of local domain. contributes to development of Internet in Slovenia:

  • We are contributing to a wider understanding of this domain field with our knowledge and expertise and by actively participating in relevant debates.
  • We actively involve in Internet governance forums as well as other local community projects that contribute to promoting usage of Internet in Slovenia.
  • We are representing interests of .si ccTLD in international organisations.