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Branka Barzic

Taking cybersecurity to the top level

Among the founding members of an extremely important initiative in the field of information security is the Slovenian National Register. The head of the Registry for .si Barbara Povše is a member of the Steering Committee of the EU TLD ISAC, which set the work strategy and directs the working group. Kristof Tuyteleers, CISO at … Continued

First Top-Level Domain ISAC goes live!

As cyber threats continue to evolve and pose challenges to the digital landscape, proactive cybersecurity measures become ever more critical. The website serves as a platform for sharing insights and good practices. It is the central point of contact and information for anyone interested in the subject or in joining forces to tackle cyber threats. … Continued

36th CENTR Marketing workshop in Ljubljana

Participants at the workshop, both in person and via videoconference, shared practices and experiences that help us understand the dynamics of national TLDs. We presented the 30th anniversary activities of the .si Registry and shared our experiences in promoting .si and the importance of raising public awareness of the national domain. We also touched upon … Continued

Higher level of protection for geographical indications in the EU

Both regulations also contain provisions that establish new obligations for domain name registries, many of which, according to the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR), excessively interfere with the rights of domain holders and force registries to balance between the interests of holders of geographical indications and the interests of domain holders. In … Continued

Trademarks, geographical indications and internet domains

However, despite their apparent interchangeability, there are important differences between these rights: A trademark is an industrial property right that gives the owner the right to mark his goods/services/content with his mark and thereby differentiate himself from other competitors on the market. In principle, a trademark is a registered right and is created through entry … Continued

Studies on DNS Abuse – reality check or industry incentive?

The study examines phishing attacks across various top-level domains, as well as among different registrars and hosting providers.  It also reports on brands most targeted by phishers, the role of subdomain resellers in phishing, and how phishers have added cryptocurrencies to their financial fraud target lists. The study maintains that phishing remains a profitable and … Continued