Your personal data and privacy

On the 25th of May the General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR, comes into effect. GDPR im...

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NETKO is back!

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and Registry.si have teamed up to bring back the acclai...

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Web Award Netko 2017

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and Register.si have teamed up to bring back an updated...

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Media literacy as a priority

Register.si, registry operator for .si ccTLD has chosen media literacy as one of the priorities for ...

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Here's to the next 25 years!

Register.si is celebrating 25 years of providing a stable, safe and uninteruppted operation of the ....

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Peter Van Roste: If You want to regulate, You need to know the basics of the technology

Peter Van Roste, general manager of CENTR (Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries)...

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.si registry wins at CENTR awards

The head of the national .si registry, Barbara Povše in cooperation with her dutch collegues at SID...

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25 years of .si TLD: Everything's running fine for 25 years!

This year we are celebrating 25 years of .si in the root zone. Our TLD was added in march 1992 and s...

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Register.si nominated for CENTR Awards

CENTR is holding the third edition of its CENTR Awards, which aim at highlighting ccTLD registry pro...

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Balkan School on Internet Governance open for application

Call for applications to the first edition of the Balkan School on Internet Governance (BSIG). BSIG...

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Slovenian IGF topics for 2017

Slovenian IGF has published an invite to stakeholders and general public for suggestions on topics f...

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S and I can mean a lot, if they're after the dot

Imej.si is a webpage aiming to promote the use of local .si domain names. If your target is Slovenia...

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Update to domain dispute resolution

Update to the domain name dispute resolution will be valid from 1 February 2017. Main changes relat...

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Netko 2016 Awards

This year, web awards Netko, in association with Registry.si, is boasting with a brand new award - B...

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Replacement of HSM hardware

Today at cca. 10:00 we published a new .si zone that is signed with new Hardware Security Module har...

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Vote for Imej.si

Our web campaign Imej.si is competing for a web award. Vote for us! http://glasuj.websi.si/projekt/8...

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Media campaign imej.si in the spotlight

Our .si media campaign is in the spotlight at the Slovenian Marketing Magazine....

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Maintenance downtime 5. January 2016

Due to a hardware maintenance, there will be a downtime on all services regarding domain name regist...

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Register .SI services down

Today, in the morning hours, because of a hardware failure all the services of Register .SI were dow...

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Phishing/malware attacks targeting domain holders.

There are reports of several phishing/malware attacks targeting domain holders of generic domain nam...

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Important modification regarding registrar transfers

As of 3. NOVEMBER 2015 the method of transferring a .SI domain name shall be only with AuthInfo code...

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Results of the .si logo contest

The competition for the logo of .si has received 144 proposals. The Commission, composed of prof. Ra...

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Registrars meeting, 27 January 2015

Register .si organizes a meeting of registrars on Tuesday, January 27 from 9:30 to 13:00. Slovenia...

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Xerox prinetrs and forbidden domain names

Xerox printers have a vulnerability that could cause a third party to take control over the printer....

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Open SSL domain registration systems are not affected by "heartbleed"

Domain registration systems that use SSL/TLS encoding systems are not vulnerable to "heartbleed" sa...

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Domain name hijacking

New issue of .Si News keeps you informed on the topics of security and domain hijacking....

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In addition to other information you can also find DS records of a signed domain name. WHOIS display...

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Registrars meeting, 28 March 2013

Another meeting with interesting topics that need some debate is ahead of us. Main topics: registry,...

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Domain Pulse 2013

At the Domain Pulse conference, which is addressing german speaking markets, they are noting that do...

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